Launches Limited-Time Event – Win 100 Rupees for Free!

Rummy 100 Rupees Free Event Goes Live, Bringing You the Joy of Card Games

This June, filled with passion and competition, has exciting news for card game enthusiasts – the “Rummy 100 Rupees Free” event is officially live! This event not only provides an excellent opportunity for new players to get started but also adds an extra layer of fun for seasoned players. is committed to creating a fair, just, and enjoyable card game environment. The launch of this event aims to let more people experience the charm of Rummy and provide a stage for players to showcase their card game skills.

Event Details

The “Rummy 100 Rupees Free” event is simple yet thrilling. All new and existing users can participate. Here are the steps:

  1. Register or Log In: New users need to register an account on, while existing users just need to log into their accounts.
  2. Join the Event: Click the “Join Event” button on the event page to receive 100 rupees in free game funds.
  3. Enjoy the Games: Use these 100 rupees to participate in various Rummy card games available on the platform and explore different game modes.

Event Highlights

  • No Deposit Required: This event is completely free. No deposit is needed to get the 100 rupees in game funds.
  • Fair and Just: adheres to the principles of fairness and transparency, ensuring every player can enjoy the games in a transparent environment.
  • Multiple Rewards: Besides the 100 rupees in free game funds, participants have the chance to win additional generous rewards.

Player Feedback

Since the launch of the event, has received a lot of positive feedback. Many new players have expressed that the 100 rupees in free funds allowed them to get started with Rummy card games without financial pressure. At the same time, seasoned players also praised the event, considering it an excellent opportunity to enjoy the game while earning extra rewards.

A new player from Mumbai said, “The platform is very user-friendly. The 100 rupees in free funds allowed me to learn the game rules without any pressure and gradually improve my skills. This event made me experience the fun of Rummy and gave me the confidence to continue playing on this platform.”

A veteran player also shared his thoughts, “As an experienced player, I love this event. has always been my preferred platform due to its fairness and transparency. Through this event, I can enjoy the game and have the chance to win more rewards, which is fantastic.”

Event Expansion

To ensure more players can enjoy this benefit, plans to introduce more similar events and promotions in the future. This is not only to thank the players for their support but also to attract more new users to join the Rummy family.

Moreover, is continuously optimizing the gaming experience, improving the user interface and operational smoothness to ensure every player can play in the most comfortable environment. The technical team is also actively developing new game modes and features to bring more surprises to users.


The “Rummy 100 Rupees Free” event will last for a while, and welcomes all card game enthusiasts to participate actively. This summer, let’s enjoy the fun of Rummy card games and win generous rewards together!

For more event details, please visit the official website. Have fun and good luck in the games!

Author: News Team